Knockround Frosted Gray / Red Sunset

Knockround Frosted Gray / Red Sunset (กรอบเทา / เลนส์แดง)

ขนาดเลนส์ 55 มม. UV400

Our Knockaround Premium model utilizes a timeless design made famous by open-road style explorers as far back as 1919. Form and function split the bill 50/50: Premiums look good on almost everyone and at the same time provide crucial UV400 protection for your eyes. Each pair is marked inside the right temple with the Knockaround mantra: ACE ON BASE. This color combination showcases not only our red sunset lenses (a darker version of our regular sunset lenses), but also translucent grey frames with a soft, frosted finish.

Dimensions: 5.5in. (front), 1.875in. (tall), 5.25in. (arms)
UV400 protection
FDA approved impact resistant lenses
Frosted finish

ราคา 850 บาท พร้อมส่ง



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